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The future of MVPing is here! The Guiderz Ragnarok Online MVP Tracker is the most technologically advanced MVP timer system in existence, giving you a major advantage over your competition! Finding, killing, tracking, and sharing MVP spawn times has never been easier!
  • Your private, password-protected MVP Tracker is hosted in the cloud and is accessible 24/7 at your own URL!
  • Time and share MVP spawn times instantly with friends and guild mates!
  • Increase cooperation and communication within your guild!
  • Add a 'Tombstone' marker to any MVP to show its tombstone location on a minimap!
  • All of your information is stored in the cloud so it is always accessible from any location or device!
  • No more writing spawn times on paper, sharing spawn times in insanely long chat rooms, using an MVP timer that doesn't let you share spawn times with friends, or any other old-fashioned method!
  • Work together with friends and guild mates to time and keep track of all MVP spawn times on your server, and gain a competitive advantage against other players!
  • Coordinate with your friends and guild mates using built-in instant messaging!
  • Trackers can be created for guilds, groups of friends, or just for your own personal use!
  • Never miss an MVP's or mini boss's spawn time ever again! Set up an MVP timer for any MVP you want, and an alarm will go off when that boss is about to spawn!
    Orc Lord
  • Each MVP Tracker is 100% private and password protected! Only the people who you give the password to can access and view the spawn times on it!
  • MVP Trackers created for supported private servers can be pre-loaded with custom MVPs and mini bosses, and set to use the private server's timezone!
  • With over 450 active trackers and over 3000 active users, that many Ragnarok Online players can't be wrong!
  • No registration required!
  • FREE!
Latest Tracker Updates
Trackers for Other Games
Feb 27, 2016
Lately, there has been an increase in people using their MVP Trackers for tracking bosses in other games. We think this is great and have modified our MVP Tracker Creation page to make things a little easier for you. Now you are able to create an 'Empty Tracker', which will be created without any MVPs pre-populated. You can then add whatever bosses, from whatever game, you like. :)

To create an 'Empty Tracker', just select 'My server is not in this list' when creating your new tracker, and then select the 'Create an Empty Tracker' option instead of selecting 'Renewal' or 'Pre-Renewal'.

We hope you enjoy this change,
Tombstones and Updates!
May 23, 2015
Finally! We have updated the MVP information for a lot of Renewal MVPs. We have also added the map locations for each MVP beside their name, so those of you on servers with @warp commands now know exactly what map to go to!

The update we are most happy about though, is the new tombstone location markers for MVPs! You can now drag-and-drop the Tombstone icon from the left side menu onto any MVP, and this will bring up a mini-map where you can select the location of the tombstone! Anyone who clicks that tombstone icon on the MVP will then be able to see exactly where the tombstone is!

As always, if you encounter any problems with this latest maintenance, or if you notice any MVP information is wrong, please let us know by using the Report an Issue link at the bottom of any page.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make the Guiderz MVP Tracker even better, we would love to hear them! Let us know your thoughts, Submit a Suggestion!

Hall of the Abyss MVPs
May 11, 2015
The Hall of the Abyss MVPs have been added to all trackers that were created for Renewal servers!

The MVPs have been added using the longer form of each of their names (Angry Student Pyuriel, General Daehyun, Dark Guardian Kades, and Gioia). If you have created a custom MVP for any of these MVPs you will now be able to remove your custom MVP and use the default MVP instead.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the Report an Issue link at the bottom of any page.

Happy Hunting,
Data Center Power Outage
Feb 4, 2015
Today our data center experienced a major power outage which knocked the Guiderz MVP Tracker and website offline for several hours. The problem has now been fixed and our servers are stable once again.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we worked to get Guiderz back online.

Guiderz System Admin
New RO Guides Section
Aug 11, 2014

The Guiderz MVP Tracker has been helping max level, end game players to farm better gears and get some epic MVP cards, but what about the other players who are just trying to level up and finish quests?

Back by popular demand, the Guiderz Ragnarok Online guides section has been added back to!

A small collection of some of the most requested guides have been added to the RO Guides section. If you are stuck on a quest, that is the place to look! If there is a specific quest, class, or anything else that you would like a guide for, you can suggest it using the new Request a Feature link in the footer.

Have fun and enjoy!
New Feature
Jun 20, 2014
This last update to the Guiderz MVP Tracker has added a new feature that I know a lot of you will like! You will now be able to change your Ragnarok Online server's time settings after your MVP Tracker has already been created! The timezone used is now entirely up to you and is no longer based entirely on which Ragnarok Online server your MVP Tracker was created for!

This means that if you want to change the server time shown on your tracker, for any reason, you can! Whether it is because your Ragnarok Online server changed timezones or to Daylight Savings Time, or you just want your MVP Tracker to use your own local timezone instead of your Ragnarok Online server's timezone.

To change the server time for your MVP Tracker, you must be the tracker admin. You can then change the time settings on the Admin Settings page.

Server Upgrades!
Mar 31, 2014
We here at are breaking out the Champagne and celebrating! Why you ask? Because we have BRAND NEW SERVERS!

Due to the increasing popularity of the Guiderz MVP Tracker, we have had to make some significant upgrades to our server hardware. Our servers are used for hosting all of the Ragnarok Online trackers on This means that you will all notice everything running a LOT faster.

Although we tested everything, we may have overlooked something when configuring the new servers. If you encounter any issues, please use the 'Report an Issue' form in the footer.

Have fun, and good luck MVPing!!!
Website Issue Resolved
Mar 21, 2014
As you may have noticed, we experienced a small technical issue recently. This issue prevented some of our users from using the Guiderz website and MVP Tracker.

We are happy to announce that this issue has been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our support team. We apologize for the delay in fixing this issue.

Thank you for your patience,
MVP Tracker Redesign
Mar 8, 2014

Our web developers have been very hard at work for the past few months, and all of you will be happy to see that Guiderz has been completely redesigned!

The MVP Tracker and website have both been given an epic new look! You will also notice a few new features have been added. One of our favourite new features is the ability to add customizable MVP timers for any MVP! You can now set MVP and mini boss timers that will alert you when an MVP or mini boss you are camping is about to spawn!

Keep an eye out for more features that will be added in the coming weeks. If you have any feedback or questions about the new design, we would love to hear them.

New Private Servers Added
Jan 20, 2014

Five new private servers have been added to the tracker! You can now create a tracker for RebirthRO Eir (RebirthRO's low rate server), RebirthRO Loki (RebirthRO's high rate server), DreamerRO, TalonRO and EssenceRO!

If you choose any of these servers from the list when creating a new MVP Tracker it will be created using the server's timezone and will be pre-loaded with all of the latest custom MVPs from RebirthRO, DreamerRO, EssenceRO or TalonRO!

Remember, if your server is not in the list of servers you can always manually add a server, and add any custom MVPs manually after your tracker has been created.

Happy Hunting,
Happy New Year!
Jan 1, 2014

Happy new year!

It's 2014 and for the new year we thought we would add a whole bunch of support for some of the Ragnarok Online servers we don't already have support for!

It was about time we added support for the official Ragnarok Online servers. So, the Official iRO servers, Chaos and Loki have been added to the MVP Tracker. You can now select either one of these servers when you create a new tracker.

We also added many new private servers, including BlackoutRO, OriginalRO, ForsakenRO, RagnaOK, and LimitRO! All of the latest custom MVPs and mini bosses have been added for these servers. If your private server is still not supported, you can always add any custom MVPs and mini bosses through the Admin Settings page.

Happy New Year!


Guiderz MVP Tracker Screenshot


You will no longer waste countless hours searching for MVPs and mini bosses that your friends and guild mates know are dead. The instant messaging feature on the MVP Tracker allows you to use any character you want for MVPing, even one that is not in your guild, and you will still be able to communicate with all of your guild mates!

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