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Bioethics Quest

Class: Alchemist
-Geek Glasses
-Grandpa Beard

Learn Skill: Bioethics skill
Alchemist Platinum Skill Quest: Bioethics Video

This video walkthrough is coordinated with the written Bioethics Quest Guide. For a detailed list of steps you can refer to that guide.

This video guide will show you how to complete the Alchemist's job quest - Bioethics, which will allow you to get a homunculus. In Ragnarok Online, a homunculus is the Alchemist's pet. There a four different types of homunculus you can get, all with their own special abilities. Which type of homunculus you get is determined by what stats your Alchemist has. The homunculus is controlled by an AI script that can be easily customized.

The homunculus has it's own skill tree seperate from the Alchemist. However, you will not have access to this skill tree until you have finished the Bioethics quest. You will only have to complete this quest once, you do not have to redo it once you transcend and become a Creator.

As a High Novice and High Merchant, you will not have access to your homunculus skill tree. You will need to wait until you become a Creator to get your Homunculus skill tree back (your homunculus will still be the same level as it was when you were an Alchemist).