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Elemental Resist Potion (ERP) Creation Quest

Class: Alchemist
Job Level 40
-Geek Glasses
-Maneater Blossom x 20
-Moth Dust x 10
-Heart of Mermaid x 10
-Empty Potion Bottle x 4
-Yellow Gemstone x 5

Learn Skill: create Elemental Resist Potions
Alchemist Platinum Skill Quest: Elemental Resist Potion Creation

1. Go to Yuno and go inside the building at the left side of Yuno on the edge of the circle in the middle of the map.

2. Once inside, talk to Pisruik (yuno_in04 33,108). Talk to him again and ask him about his experiments. He will then ask you for some items.

3. Bring him the items he asked for and answer his questions. He will then ask you to bring him 20 Maneater Blossoms.

4. After bringing Pisruik the other items he will ask for some new glasses. Go and buy him Geek Glasses for 20,000z at the Toy Store in Lighthalzen.

5. Return to him with the Geek Glasses and he will give you the Elemental Potion Creation Guide. That guide will allow you to create Elemental Resistance Potions with the skill Pharmacy (Prepare Potion in iRO).

Crafting Elemental Resist Potions

To craft elemental resist potions you will need the Manual that is aquired from completeing the quest above. After you have obtained the manual, you can start creating potions by using the skill Pharmacy (Prepare Potion in iRO).

To craft an elemental resist potion you will also need 1 x Medicine Bowl, 1 x Empty Potion Bottle, and the following items:

Cold Resist Potion:
3 Heart of Mermaid
1 Blue Gemstone

Thunder Resist Potion:
3 Moth Dust
1 Blue Gemstone

Earth Resist Potion:
2 Large Jellopy
1 Yellow Gemstone

Fire Resist Potion:
2 Frill
1 Red Gemstone