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Rachel Sanctuary Quest

Lost Child Quest
500M total donations to Nemma at the Rachel Sanctuary Temple

Base Level: 60+
-Candy x 1
-Firecrackers x 20
-Glacial Heart x 40

Access to Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon
-1,100,000 Base Exp
-600,000 Job Exp
Rachel Sanctuary Quest

There is also a Ragnarok Online Rachel Sanctuary Quest Video Walkthrough. If you are having trouble completing the Rachel Sanctuary quest, you can refer to that video.

1. Talk to Nemma (ra_temple 116, 173) at the entrance to the Rachel Sanctuary. She is worried about children sneaking into the Temple.

2. Go to the lake at the bottom right corner of Rachel and speak with the Kid. Keep speaking with him until he mentions candy. Say 'Sure, I love the stuff.' and give him the candy. He will tell you how to get into the Temple.

3. Go back to the Temple and walk around by the windows to the left of Nemma until a dialogue box appears (ra_temple 68, 209). Select 'Enter through the Window'.

Navigating through the Temple is a pain, even with a map. You must explore the entire Temple and trigger several pop-up dialogue boxes. You do not have to enter any of the rooms except those mentioned, just stay in the hallway. Use the map below to help you navigate the temple, just follow the red line going from the Open Window to the Entrance and follow the steps below. In the steps; north, east, south, west refer to the directions the arrow is pointing on the map.

4. From where you start, head North to the end of the hallway. At the end of the hallway, head East.

5. When you reach a statue of a woman, head South.

6. Turn East at the end of the hallway. Keep walking until you get a pop-up saying 'CRASH'.

7. After you get the 'CRASH' pop-up turn left into a room with a staircase in it and go up the stairs.

8. On the second floor follow the hallway North then East until you see a room with a checkered floor.

9. Enter the room with the checkered floor and walk towards the back of the room. Go through the portal behind the statue in the room.

10. Walk towards the gate, a pop-up will appear giving you the option to 'Investigate' or Ignore'. Select 'Investigate. Continue walking around until you get two more pop-ups. The last pop-up will say you should leave before you are the next victim.

11. After the 3rd pop-up, head back out of the room and out of the checkered room, back down to the first floor.

12. Now head South towards the front of the building. When you get to the door choose "force it open" (it doesn't really matter what you choose). You are now outside the Temple and can enter through the front gate whenever you want.

13. Talk to Nemma (ra_temple 116, 173) who is outside the Temple.

14. Talk to Panno (ra_temin 169, 46) who is at the front desk inside the Temple. You must talk to her twice.

15. Talk to Nemma again and give her 20 Firecrackers. You can buy the Firecrackers from the Party Supplie Shop in Hugel (hugel 94, 103). You will get 200,000 Base Exp.

16. Talk to High Priest Zhed (ra_temin 276, 159) inside his office. You will get 900,000 Base Exp from the Lost Child Quest. He will tell you to bring 40 Glacial Hearts to the Pope.

17. Visit the Pope at the west side of the building. You must give the Pope's guards (ra_temin 131, 131) 40 Glacial Hearts in order to get into the Pope's room.

18. Return to High Priest Zhed. Zhed will kick you from the room.

19. Walk up to the wall between the two rooms (ra_temin 288, 157) and eavesdrop on Zhed.

20. Go back to High Priest Zhed and talk to him.

21. Walk out of the High Priest Zhed's office. As you leave the room you will find a key on the ground (it is not a real item so will not go into your inventory). You can now enter the Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon.

22. Enter the Santuary by going back up to the second floor and going through the bloody gate (ra_temin 28, 316).

23. When you enter Rachel Sanctuary walk South to go down to the second level of the dungeon.

24. On the second floor of Rachel Sanctuary, keep walking North until you get knocked out by a woman.

25. Go back and talk to High Priest Zhed. You will get 900,000 Base Exp (you already got 200,000 from Nemma) and 600,000 Job Exp. You are now done the Rachel Sanctuary Quest and you can now get into the Rachel Sanctuary by walking back thorugh the bloody gate on the second floor whenever you want.